Projects by Freuwort

SEO Bridge Landing Page

SEO Bridge (WIP)

If you've ever built a successful website you're likely to have come across search engine optimization. It's pretty much ubiquitous in the web nowadays. So together with the marketing agency FD Werbung I started SEO Bridge – a SEO analysis tool specializing in on-page optimization.

StreamSniper (WIP)

This side project deservse a mention. StreamSniper is – despite what the name might suggest – a platform helping live streamers organize their streams with a variety of tools like donation pages, mod-controlled audio or algorithm based chat filters. 

Watch2Gether Design

Watch2Gether Design

As a user and big fan of Watch2Gether – a platform to watch videos in sync with your friends – it was my honor to help redesigning the main user-interface of this web-app.


KinderKlassik is a club for child musicians performing on various locations and concerts. You can read about their newest events, latest updates and yearly projects on their website designed and developed by me.

Gencestor for kennel clubs

Gencestor for kennel clubs

As the German kennel club DRV e.V. requested this software to manage and print their official pedigrees, they already had thousands of dog-data under their belt. This custom software solution developed in Electron helps the DRV to keep track of their data, build connections between entries and print them.

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